September 14, 2010

Long Live the Queen!

Lily Tolpo is a beautiful, vibrant woman who happens to have celebrated her 93rd Birthday September 13th. Rumor has it that one her beauty secrets is a daily dose of Garlic!
Her sparklingly positive engagement in living to the fullest is fed by an extreme can-do attitude besides a healthy appetite for garlic... and everything else in life.
This elegance shows a supreme comfort of living in her own skin. I 'm glad to be numbered in her multitude of friends and acquaintances. Long Live Lily!


  1. I have known Lily my whole life. Your tribute is true and also much appreciated. She always told me I was a Chinese prince.

    I too eat garlic and have grown straight and tall with good roots.

  2. I have known Lily my whole life as well. Your words are so beautiful, much gratitude for your salute so true.

    She told me always trust in a Chinese prince who eats garlic.

    I eat garlic and have grown limbs that dance on a breeze, flexible with good roots.